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       Located at 6 districts in 2 cities ( Xi’an and Baoji ), Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research(NIN) is the key national base for the research of rare metal materials, an important center forprofessional technology development in China, the proponent of the National Engineering Research Center for Rare Metal Materials Processing and Northwest Quality Supervision & Test Center of Chinese Nonferrous Metal Industry etc。 Up to now, there are RMB 1。6 billion assets and over 3000 sets of instruments and equipments in NIN。 Its consolidated income approached to RMB 1。37 billion in 2006。 There are more than 1670 employees on the job in NIN, among them over 1000 scientific technicians including an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 200 professors and senior engineers and more than 100 doctors and masters.
       Undergoing 40 years’ development, NIN has already become a large scientific & technological enterprise (group) composed of a key state-level research institute of national rank with powerful capacity of science and technology, an national engineering research center and several industrialization companies, and a development model laying equal emphasis on fundamental research, engineering and industrialization has been formed in the group. The materials research field of NIN also has a considerable influence in the international academic circle. More than 1100 scientific achievements and 150 patents have been gained. At the same time, NIN has strengthened technologies transferring and engineering projects, developed over 8500 new products and undertook engineering research projects and several national new & high-tech industrialization model projects. More attention has been paid to the proceeding of scientific & technological industrialization, over 10 high-tech companies have been established with NIN as the major or minor shareholder, forming the largest base for the scientific research and manufacturing of rare metal materials in China.

       NIN also plays an important role in domestic and international academic circles. It is the committee member or board member of more than 10 organizations such as ITA, ICMC, IUMRS, International Plansee Refractory Metal Research Association, C-MRS and so on。 The governmental cooperation and exchange projects have been executed for many years with USA, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, Austria and Poland etc。

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