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In 2001: to develop high-performance complex special powder metal parts design and preparation of research (863 Program);

In 2005: TA7 alloy electron beam 3D printing research (horizontal entrusted project); 

In 2007: EBSM250 electron beam 3D printer development (State Key Laboratory Construction Program);

In 2008: titanium alloy, high temperature alloy electron beam selective melting and forming research, district performance up to the level of the forgings (National Defense Technology Innovation Team); 

In 2009: put forward along with the heat treatment process, create the samples of complex titanium alloy impeller (National Science and Technology Support Plan);

In 2010: introduce the electron beam selective melting forming equipment from Arcam (national investment); 

              introduce the gas atomizing powder equipment from PSI (national investment);

              TiAl metal stress relaxation research, manufacture the TiAl blade of aeroengine turbine (973 ProgramThe National Natural Science Foundation);

In2011: realize the forming of bimodal pore structuer medical titanium alloy (International S&T Cooperation of China);

In2012: research the organization regulation of TiAl intermetallics, manufacture the small clusters fully lamellar structure (863 Program).

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